Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blog hop August heART and new painting...

You have to mosey on over to Rose's blog, What I Made Today and check out the August heART blog hop! There are a bunch of links to art blogs at the bottom of the post that you can peruse.  Sooo much great art, and if you're an artist with a blog, add your own link!

I finished another painting.  It had been sitting around for a while because I didn't like the sky.  I removed what was in the sky and repainted it.  Then I thought TREES, yes... both new background and foreground. The style took me back to when I used to paint folk art, the real primitive stuff.  This is a step up (I think,) but it's still folk art.  I like the feel of little villages, or small towns.  They make me feel right at home, so I enjoy bringing some of the country into my paintings sometimes.  I don't live in the country now, but I do have a city park right up against my back yard, so I can't complain.  Today I saw a tortoise laboring away to get from my yard into the park. I often see ospreys and hear their plaintive cries.  They don't mind the traffic or the noise.  They nest in tall trees or on platforms set on top of telephone poles and such structures.  To see them dive for fish is mind-boggling.  They make a straight dive into the water from way up high, and they get their fish.  Amazing!  Nature is so incredibly beautiful.

I can never hope to capture the majesty of nature in one of my paintings, but I can sit in my backyard and experience the whole display of glory.  I was searching for the right word, and that's it.  Glory.

Here's my attempt at some colorful glory:

Fall is coming.  I have to enjoy the colors in my memory because where I live we don't fall colors, but we have decent winters!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New painting...

I have been on a roll lately creatively speaking.  I felt I was getting nowhere, so I started making up to-do lists every day, and it has helped immensely.  Not only do I write down the chores, but also the art hours.  That way they won't be frittered away on nonsense.  Life could so easily consist of habits and social media, but I really want to develop myself and my skills.  Now I'm getting a lot more art produced and it feels really good!  So, if you're stuck with whatever fuels your passion, try writing a list, scheduling in the boring but also the fun parts.  It really works!  You have to hold yourself accountable or get an accountability partner if you lack discipline.  Once your discipline muscle has gotten a workout, it gets easier to follow through.  Just be good to yourself!  LOVE everything about you, and stick with your passion in life.

Peace out!

PEACE original acrylic painting 8x8"

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August heART... join in the fun!

I'm taking part of a blog hop with other artists.  Some gorgeous art out there in blog land folks!  Check it out, and if you have an art blog, please link up on Rose's blog
What I Made today. She has some great ART and herbal growing/infusion making/workshops information that is valuable and interesting.    

Monday, July 28, 2014

Busy, creative week coming on...

I have goals.  Do you?  I'm stepping up my art as a business.  It has long been on the back burner, and that has been good, but the time has come to become more focused on doing things I love in life.  I'd like to say: "What a great, meaningful day I had today," at the end of every day.  It is a choice, and choices can be scary sometimes, especially if they go against the grain of "what we SHOULD do."  The ego, bless its soul, tries to protect us from DANGER and whatever threatens has to be avoided at all cost!  
Time to bust out of prison!  Life is short, take a leap, don't be afraid.  I tell myself those things all the time, and the ego has gotten a bit more subdued. (Hallelujah!)  

To be honest, I barely ever lived the "safe" life, but those bills have to be paid, and they do get paid because we live in a sea of abundance.  Somehow we are fish that can't see the water for all the water...  The more risks we take, the more confident we get.  YES, I CAN DO IT!  Small risks, and then bigger ones as the confidence muscle is being built.

I finished another painting, this one in many layers of paints that I masked out around the buddha figure.  What is helpful in taking risks?  The little still voice within when we quiet down enough to listen.  Go for it!  

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Friday, July 25, 2014

She is finished!

That could mean a lot of things, lol, but in this case it means I finished a project dear to my heart, my STARGIRL.  I had wanted to offer a free tutorial for some time to help build my email list, so that I can stay in better contact with those who love my art.  Mixed media is something everyone can do and enjoy with wild abandon!  I think the whole thing about being in artist is to inspire others to develop their own creativity.  There is an artist in everyone, naysayers included.
Here she is.  What do you think?

I also finished another mixed media project, so different in style.  This one has a more meditative feel.

Which style do you prefer?  Anyway, go download your tutorial and post some pictures in the comments, or on my FB page: HERE

Friday, July 18, 2014

Working on a freebie mixed media ebook...

I get so involved in the art making that I keep forgetting to take pictures of the process.  To make an ebook, you have to take loads of pictures.  I'm really happy with the outcome of the art piece in question.  Staying true to creating intuitively I had some funny things come up on the canvas that could not stay.  At one point I saw a face and I had to outline it.  Came out looking like a cross between the Jester and Michael Jackson.  I had used some alcohol inks and you can't really get rid of the splotches on his forehead and eye.  They bleed through everything, so I had to glue more paper over the ink to make sure they would be covered up.  Here is a teaser!

You see what I mean?  He ended up with sunglasses to cover up the creepy eyes. Lol...he will languish under all the other layers and maybe add a vibe or two to the finished piece.  Having lots of fun with this project!  What are you working on?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Win a $20 gift certificate from Amazon...

Hi all,

I'm trying to find out who reads my blog and is interested in my art, and possible online art courses, so I created a survey to learn more about you.  At the bottom there is a field to enter your first name and email to take part in the drawing of a $20 gift certificate from Amazon. It's a short survey, so won't take but 30 seconds to fill out!  Thank you so much!


The survey ends on Thursday, July 17, at midnight.