Monday, April 21, 2014

Committing to creativity....

Sometimes it's difficult to keep on track.  I have so many interests and that is detrimental to real progress in any area.  I love art, always have, and I made a commitment to keep up with my desire to make more art in 2003, and yes, I have to say I made a new "habit" that stuck.  It's more of an inner need than forcing myself into some regimen that ultimately fails because it's forced.  My art has certainly progressed and becoming more and more "me," through following my intuition as I paint.

What I have found the hardest so far is to let the art unfold at its own pace.  I'm good at discipline and forcing myself to perform in whatever medium that has my attention at the moment.  For me it's between writing and visual arts, mostly painting.  Then there is a third interest, essential oils, in which I've been working to make a new career. I'm really tired of working for other people, so I've been feeling it's "do or die," with this business, to be self-sufficient.  But, it doesn't quite work that way either.  All the old forms of "making things happen," just don't work anymore.

Maybe we have entered a new paradigm.  All I know is that all the passion I felt for any one of these expressions has been seriously subdued, and I haven't been able to get myself out of the slump.  So, which one should I focus on?  I feel at a loss making a decision what is best for me.  I have been a writer for many years and it's not that difficult to sit down and write a chapter on my current book.  No block there, but is that where my deepest passion lies??  Thing is, I don't FEEL much passion in any of these areas.  I love it when a painting reveals itself, but can I live without making art?  Yes, I can; at least I think I can.  I can live without writing and selling essential oils.

Maybe there is something new to be passionate about?  I don't know.  Haven't come across it yet.  The new paradigm might be to inspire and help others, but I don't feel I have gotten where I need to be in my own life. I guess I haven't gone all the way with any of them, exploring to the fullest.  Closest to that is my writing due to many years of experience and experimentation, but my passion was ruined by the publishers' need for conformity, and it killed my creativity at the time.  I don't blame anyone.  I went along with their guidelines to keep making money, but then I burned out.  It took me a long time to get some kind of joy out of my writing again. I enjoy my current writing project, and the ideas are coming.  However...

Is it possible to feed three interests, or do I need to stick with one to succeed, and which one would it be?  I've been struggling with that decision for a while. Meanwhile, all three are moving forward, but I'm thinking I'm diluting my energy. Any opinions, folks?  I need help here...  Thanks.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Loving art of all forms...

Since my own production has been a bit on the low side, I've been cruising all kinds of blogs and websites for inspiration, and also gazillion Facebook pages. So many great artists out there!

I did finish a mixed media piece, the portrait of a woman.  I call it Contemplation. I have been working on it on and off for a long time, never quite satisfied.  It's as good as it is ever going to get at this point!  What do you think?

12x12" with many layers

I'm also working on book number two in my fantasy series, so if you're interested in writer's know-how and details about the book, hop to THIS link.  It's just a different way of creating something out of nothing.
What are you working on today?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New writer's blog...

I figured I had to start another blog for my writing endeavors, so HERE it is, and it's bare bones right now except for one post.  I will have to add widgets and stuff. Come and visit if you're interested in writing!  I will post some more art here shortly.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Download my epic fantasy for FREE until March 8...

If you go on Smashwords you can download my ebook, the epic fantasy Trials of Hallion, Two of Swords, for free until March 8.  Such a deal!  Click here.  Kindle version is also available on the Smashwords site.  There is a site-wide sale going on all week!  A great way to stock up on some books.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Special Kind of Longing...

I spent the last few days making art, and oh-how-great it felt!  This time I used only paint, working on three canvases simultaneously.  No mixed media in sight, even though I love that style of art.  I painted and doodled and the face showed so much longing that the title became "A Special Kind of Longing" whatever that means in the scheme of things.  I was happy with the wild colors as usual.  This canvas measures 10x10" and has 1.5" sides.  The other two canvases are not finished.

I have created some pieces that never made the blog, so here are some pictures of those:

Some urban birds on a mixed media canvas titled FLY, 12x12"

Old furniture painted with turquoise chalk paint...

A chime without bells.  I made it from recycled lamp parts and LOADS of beads and crystals.  A friend received it for Christmas.

Matchbox mixed media for a swap on the Mixed Media Facebook group.  It went to Canada and I got this lovely altered Altoids tin from artist Lisa Scott in TX:

Isn't that gorgeous??  I love it!  

Besides art, I have been doing some writing.  I started the second book in the Trials of Hallion series: Crystal World.  One thing is for sure; when you multi-task you never get bored. :)

Happy creating in whatever media you love! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Check out my new book!

Maybe it's detrimental to success in any line of work that I do, because of the lack of focus, but I am a jack of all trades. I bore easily, so when I get bored, I do something else.  My inspiration for art has been low for a year or two now, so I decided to finish an old project that was part of  my "previous" life as a writer.  Once a writer, you can never quit being a writer.  It just goes in cycles.  Anyway, here is my latest epic, and it is an epic!  Trials of Hallion, Two of Swords, book One is the first in a trilogy.  The idea for this story came to me in 1995, and it has gradually evolved into a long story.  It took me years to finish since I was a world class procrastinator!  But, I had a lot of fun with it, and also the very tedious work of getting the manuscript into shape for publication.  I probably had to read and revise the manuscript fifteen times!   When it comes to writing, you have to be a perfectionist to get the respect of your readers.  I decided to make it into an ebook since that is the future of publishing.  About the cover:  I found a big tree in my back yard, a live oak, and borrowed a sword from a friend who has everything.  My friend/artist Photoshop wizard, Karen Heidler, helped me with the design, and this is the end product:


Through a dimensional rift, stuck inside a tarot card spread, and trying to solve the mystery why her aunt stole something that could spell the end of an entire continent, modern New Yorker Kate McKnight has to face the fact that she has landed in a different world. Totally unprepared, she is plunged into a war where evil is moving toward resounding victory. As she is forced to develop skills she never knew she had, she struggles to reconcile what is real in her life and what is a dream, all her beliefs put to the test.

Jamie Kirkland attempts to right the wrongs of his father who perpetrated the rift, only to be told he is facing a useless death. Even if his efforts will not make a difference to saving Hallion, he has to support Kate in her struggle to discover the clues of their mission, a race against time that will take them to the heart of evil. They have to recover the six items that will give them the power to restore Hallion, but they have to face all of their own inner weaknesses to succeed, and a dark force that permeates everything.

Kindle edition:  click here
Smashwords edition.  Smashwords distributes to most other ebook outlets:  click here